The Virtues of Indie Publishing

As I sit here filling out forms and contemplating Uncle Sam’s gimme list, I must remind myself that this is what I WANTED for myself.  And it is.  It really is.  With my first novel, Burning Gold, set to release any day now, I applaud all of you indie authors who have already run this gauntlet.  It is not impossible – it’s just new, and different, and mind-stretching for a gal like me.  All I wanted was to write a book, and now I’m running my company too!  Here is what CreateSpace says on their website about indie publishing:

The publishing industry is evolving. Hundreds of thousands of authors like you are publishing profitable work right now instead of waiting for agents and publishers to give the green light.

With CreateSpace you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, eBook distribution, and marketing strategies so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined – all while building your following of readers.

Over a decade ago, we started this business with the intention of helping artists grow and be successful. This momentum (along with royalties you’ve earned) tells us that it’s working, and we’re really proud to be a part of that success.

Well Thank You CS, and thank you readers, authors, and all book lovers in all the lands!

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