The Best Big Sister Ever

The Best Big Sister Ever

How, I wondered, was I going to introduce the main characters little sister when she is…well..not available during the book?  This excerpt from Burning Gold is one example of how I showed their bond:

Abigail was born when I was six years old. When Mom came home from the hospital, I thanked them both very much and told them I would take my baby now. They laughed and laughed as I took on a consternate look. It took a bit of explaining that she was all ours and that Mommy was the mommy and Daddy was the daddy, and my role was to be the best big sister ever.

“The Best Big Sister Ever is a real title,” my mother impressed upon me. “It requires a lot of very important tasks,” she said while bobbing up and down, patting Abigail’s back lightly with a pink cloth laid atop her shoulder.

“You mean, like help her play dress up?” I ask curiously.

“Oh, yes!” my mother exclaimed.

“And play games,” I continue, my mind slowly thinking of how I could earn the Best Big Sister Ever Award.

“Absolutely!” Mom nodded her head in agreement, still pacing back and forth in the rhythmic cadence.

“Like peekaboo?” I ask, being very skeptical of this smushy new little sister’s ability to ever do anything.

“Well, yes! But it might be a little while before she can play a lot of those games, Jenni Ann,” Mom advises wisely. “She has a bit of growing to do herself.”

“Well, I could sing her songs while she grows,” I offer.

“Yes,” laughs Mom. “You certainly could sing her songs.”

I sit watching them, pacing and bobbling, as the wheels in my head spin. “Can I start singing now?” I ask, ever hopeful.

“It’s time to put Abigail down, so, yes, let’s think of a sweet lullaby for her,” Mom says.

“Lullaby, and good night,” I start singing not-so-softly, following Mom upstairs to put Abigail down for a nap.

Thinking about it after she is down and I am coloring at my play school desk, my excitement rises. I can teach her to color. I can help her dress, play games, like peekaboo and later, like twister and even computer games. I can teach her all of the great songs from Sesame Street and The Muppets, and even teach her how to read. I can certainly feed her when she gets older and starts to use a baby bottle! I seem satisfied with this. I did hope that I wouldn’t ever have to change her diapers. This idea had me worrying just a bit about my title. I just learned what real diapering is all about. It stinks! Not at all like with my baby dolls. And, I reason, she will be here forever. She will be with me forever. I have time. Plenty of time.

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