Segregated Proms in 2013: Is This For Real or Just Another Fiction Novel?

Segregated Proms in 2013.  REALLY?  This is the kind of stuff I cannot make up!  Wilcox County, located in the southern region of the State of Georgia, is the scene for this seemingly fiction novel story.  But it is actually and for really REAL!!

It seems that the PARENTS have been responsible for the segregation of the proms.  To continue to allow this event into our current year of 2013 is clear child abuse!  It is!

Look, as I understand the situation, it took students..YES, STUDENTS, to begin to move the rusty old wheel of oppression and roll it out of the way; down the hill; and hopefully right over the ridiculous people who think that this is okay in this day and age!  Click here and read on for yourself!

Yes, these perfectly fabulous young people are the impetus for what I see as a change for the better. They just want to go to prom with their friends.  I mean really….when did that become a bad thing?  You tell ’em teens!

Shame on the School Board, the Parents, and the standers-by.  So sad this is in my own home State.  I had no idea.

I write books for young adults and books for teens.  I will personally come down to Wilcox County and hang balloons for this teen Prom!  Ya’ll call me!  Who knows?   Maybe you will be the star of my next teenage fiction romance book!!!

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