Opening Paragraph from My Book “Burning Gold”

Burning Gold - Book Cover

Driving, driving, speeding fast, the green Miata convertible is taking the curves of the North Georgia mountains well, so much so that car, driver and road act as one. A few leaves place a glancing blow on the windshield. Now a large yellow maple leaf smacks it hard and is quickly ripped away by the wind as I take another curve. As pieces of my hair slip out of the clip holding it back, I slow, but just a bit. My red wool blend scarf has been waving to all who will see as I pass by. This is where I belong. Fall has no better place to be than with me in these mountains. I take the final turn on a gravel road, slowing, slowing. The old homeplace is here. Here is where my great-grandparents bought the land, back in 1937, the year my Pappy was born. The simple shack they lived in serves as the garden shed out back now. The homeplace I know, the one that sits before me, is the one my Pappy built. He felled, cut and sanded the knotty heart of pine that makes up each and every one of the ceiling beams. We didn’t have any other grandpappy. Or any other grandparents at all that we ever knew. Just the homeplace and Nana and Pappy Gold. I get waves of warmth just remembering his strong arms lifting me and my sister when we came for a visit. He was a garrulous man, with great height and powerful strength. And the bluest eyes – they sparkled like diamonds bursting out of a deep Aegean sea. Those eyes shone so bright, a beam really, as if no one loved you more and nothing bad could ever happen to you, ever.


But something does happen to Jenni Ann and her family.  Travel with her through the maze of time as she grows and after a life changing tragedy, must reinvent herself.  Will she find love after losing so much?  Watch the twist of fate that brings it all crashing back around her ten years later through her vivid paintings and  her love of the North Georgia Mountains.


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