My Super-Secret Under Eye Concealer for the 2014 Olympics, Revealed

If the winter storm in Atlanta reminded you how much you love slipping and sliding on the ice, then you are in for an awesome announcement!  The winter Olympics is coming soon from Sochi, Russia!  Yes, from all the way over there. Nine hours time difference.  Ahead.  Way ahead.  So, for me, it means staying up after midnight to watch the games, maybe until four in the morning.  Games I’ve maybe never heard of before like Polar Bear Ping Pong; or some that I have heard of, like, for instance,Curling.  And seriously…a broom and an iron made it to the Olympics?  So any domestic worker has a shot is what I’m getting from that!  But who, unless you live in a frozen igloo and have an aversion to reality tv, actually wants to play with a broom and an iron?  No thank you!  And yet, I will start watching and likely snooze off a bit before being alerted by the trumpeting Olympic intro music that has me trained better than Pavlov’s dog, telling me that some incredible winter Olympic sport is about to begin!  And I will watch..and watch…and watch.

And so, if you are like me and simply unable to keep yourself from catching the action long before any reruns, shown at an entirely reasonable hour the next day, you will appreciate this: I have come up with the answer to those unsightly dark circles that will inevitably begin to appear.  After all, nobody can take that kind of lack of sleep without some adverse side effects.  It is the putty colored concrete mixer.  Will NOT show a dark circle and as a bonus..No Wrinkles!   Please, don’t thank me.  It is a public service I am happy to perform.

Happy Sledding!

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