Move Over Teen Vampire Novels – The Vampire Facelift is Here!

I could NOT believe my ears!  The local news puts out a teaser, “The Vampire Facelift”. I look up with my now cold coffee mug in hand.  WAIT!  WHAT?  I was wondering if what I really needed was Juan Valdez and his mule to bring me an ultra-caffeinated hot cup of brew..STAT!

Did I just hear that correctly?  So I do wait, like in a teenage fiction romance book, with baited breath, to see WHAT this was all about!! 

It seems that the latest “beauty tip” is to inject…YES, inject– your own blood back into your face!  As if getting beautiful was not hard enough!  I mean seriously….it is all I can do to wash my face with soap and water at night.

So, if the idea of teen vampire novels gets your juices flowing –  just cast your droopy bloodthirsty eyes on The Vampire Facelift!  Enter the site at your own risk!

Someone should really tell Kristen Stewart about this…I don’t know about you but the Twilight series romance stories of vampires with the likes of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan is about all the lift I need!  For now.  At least.  Oh no.  Do I hear howling?

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