How Soon is Too Soon to Marry?

How soon is too soon to marry? My Grandma, bless her in heaven, always told me, ‘You should always go through four full seasons with someone before you decide to marry.’ Well, she got divorced. Maybe Grandpa was just no darn good in winter?
My husband and I were NEVER EVER EVER going to remarry after both of our failed first marriages. Until we met that is. And voilà, four, (yes count them, one, two three, four) short teeny tiny months later we were hitched. (I know what your thinking, but it most certainly wasn’t because we “HAD” too either.) How did that work out for me? Well, we just celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary! And we still (gasp!) love each other!

What about you? How soon is too soon to marry?

What about Janie, the character in my book Burning Gold?  When should she marry, if at all?

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