Downton Abbey inspires New Fiction Novel

Downton Abbey inspires new fiction novel.  Well how do you like that?  It is genius!  Author Wendy Wax (“Single in Suberbia”, “Hostile Makeover”, and “Leave It To Cleavage”) has captured the essence of the PBS series and incorporated it in her ninth romantic comedy novel, “While We Were Watching Downton Abbey.”  

As I understand it, Wax writes about three women who all watch Downton Abbey together.  Doesn’t sound exciting enough?  Well, apparently it’s in the troubles that these women have in their actual (fiction) lives that compels the reader to turn the page.

I mean if you watch Downton Abbey then you don’t need a recap from a book.  No!  You do what any good Downton Abbey fan does – you pop in a DVD you bought during a pledge drive when you didn’t really want to go ALLLLL the Way to the Silver Medallion Level but they offered ALL THREE SEASONS and you just weren’t SURE if you could make it without seeing if Lady Cora Crawley and the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet, can ever get Lady Mary out of that mess ONE MORE TIME!!

I have always enjoyed PBS but seriously, we all know that without Downton Abbey’s raging success many viewers wouldn’t even know where it is in the lineup.  Go out and donate to them today.  No really.  Do it.  

And go buy Wendy Wax’s newest romance comedy novel today also.  I know I will.

Who knows what channel PBS is at their house?

What is your favorite PBS show or series?



  1. Gail Burns
    Oct 9, 2013

    Love Downton Abbey……ok…..on my way to pledge because I love PBS as well! Channels 8 and 30

    • Clea Calloway
      Oct 18, 2013

      Gail..I know!! I can hardly hold back my desire for January to get here! Let’s hope they can keep that momentum going!

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