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Canine Assistants

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Canine Assistants may be my All Time Favorite charity!  They work with dogs, many of whom are not puppies any more and perhaps have a death sentence on their heads in the local animal lock-ups, and, after extensive training, pair them with needy recipients. Service and seizure response dogs have a magical effect on their recipients. They assist with physical and emotional needs – enabling a person to achieve greater independence, confidence, and happiness overall. Dogs are amazing at calming fears and providing comfort. 95% of donations...

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TOWLES NOVEL, RULES OF CIVILITY, INVITES YOU INTO THE GLITTER AND GRIT OF 1938’s NYC When I originally cracked open the book (figuratively speaking of course because I was reading it on my kindle) it didn’t grab me, so I put it down.  Maybe it was the time, the place, the barometric pressure, the exhaustion index…hard to define it really.  But I had downloaded it, and as I sat in an airport awaiting Winter Storm Rex to release its grip on my planes flight plan so we could get home, I opened it anew. And am I glad I did! What...

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Happy 80th Birthday Daddy!

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Happy 80th Birthday Daddy!  When my siblings and I decided it would be a good idea to “throw-down” for our Dad’s 80th birthday, what we meant was a lunch, or a brunch, or even a cocktail party!  For his 70th, we had an elegant catered dinner as a surprise.  It turned out the surprise was on us! He had just returned from a week long ski trip in Colorado or Utah, I can’t remember now, but that is not the point!  The point is, he returned sick, sick sick!  We finally talked him into going to a doctor and lo and behold it...

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My Super-Secret Under Eye Concealer for the 2014 Olympics, Revealed

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If the winter storm in Atlanta reminded you how much you love slipping and sliding on the ice, then you are in for an awesome announcement!  The winter Olympics is coming soon from Sochi, Russia!  Yes, from all the way over there. Nine hours time difference.  Ahead.  Way ahead.  So, for me, it means staying up after midnight to watch the games, maybe until four in the morning.  Games I’ve maybe never heard of before like Polar Bear Ping Pong; or some that I have heard of, like, for instance,Curling.  And seriously…a broom and an...

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The Best Big Sister Ever

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The Best Big Sister Ever How, I wondered, was I going to introduce the main characters little sister when she is…well..not available during the book?  This excerpt from Burning Gold is one example of how I showed their bond: Abigail was born when I was six years old. When Mom came home from the hospital, I thanked them both very much and told them I would take my baby now. They laughed and laughed as I took on a consternate look. It took a bit of explaining that she was all ours and that Mommy was the mommy and Daddy was the daddy, and...

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The Kitchen House, by Kathleen Grissom

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The Kitchen House, by Kathleen Grissom When a white servant girl, Lavinia, violates the order of plantation society, she unleashes a tragedy that exposes the worst and best in the people she has come to call her family. Set at the turn of the 18th century, The Kitchen House is a tragic story of page-turning suspense, exploring the meaning of family, where love and loyalty prevail. Highly Recommend!

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The First Date

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The First Date When I was trying to decide how to describe the flirtation of Jenni Ann and Ashton, I wasn’t sure at first which way to go.  I mean, it is fiction, so I can go anywhere I want, right?  I wanted it to be light and to feel good after the previous crappy experiences she has had with love.  I wanted her to be Cinderella and him to be the Prince. I mean after all she’d been through in this book she needed a break! So here is how I wrote about the first date: “Sushi it is!” Ashton says as he politely opens the door,...

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A Happy Birthday Poem to My Daughter

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  Dear Alyssa, You disarm me with your beauty, You amaze me with your talent, You surprise me with your humor, You delight me with your song. You engage me with your knowledge, You speak of truth and empathy, I have loved you since before you were born. I have loved you forever long. Happy 17th Birthday! Love, Mom #HappyBirthday

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San Francisco Bay

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San Francisco Bay! How beautiful are you today? So full of sunshine – and crisp, dry air. With speeding boats holding racers who dare. Flocks of swimmers, runners, bridges and diners, Nothing here could be any finer. San Francisco Bay – might I say? How beautiful are you today! #sanfranciscobay

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Awakening Future Generations

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Awakening Future Generations

Clea Calloway will attending a co-benefit for the Captain Planet Foundation and Cool the Earth. The event is titled Awakening the Future Generations: an Elegant Farm to Table Dinner When: Saturday, September 7th, 2013, 6:00 pm Where: LEED Gold Certified home of Kiki Goshay, set amidst the backdrop of Mt. Tamalpais. Honorary Guest include: Congressman Jared Huffman Alice Waters With a Special Performance by: Jackson Brown   For more details click on the banner image below to download the PDF...

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